Will you support British prisoners overseas this Human Rights Day?

When a person is imprisoned they lose the right to freedom, but the rest of their rights as a human being should remain.

No matter what country they are in, prisoners have a basic human right to receive food with nutritional value, water that is safe to drink, and medical care when needed. People also have a right to the essentials that allow them to serve their sentence with dignity: a mattress; clothing; hygiene items like soap and toilet paper. 

At this very moment we are supporting many hundreds of prisoners across the globe who have these basic human rights ignored.

For people in this position, Prisoners Abroad's services are the only lifeline they have to survive their sentence: we send Survival Grants for nutritious food and clean water to prisons where provision is dangerously inadequate; we provide grants for vitamins to those detained in countries where prison diets are at their very worst; and we pay for medication, medical treatment or emergency hospital care in countries where access to healthcare will not be provided without payment. 

This work saves lives and would not be possible without your support. If you are able to make a donation today you will be helping vulnerable British prisoners to survive their sentence. 

Will you donate this Human Rights Day to protect prisoners whose rights are being ignored right now?

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