Can you help us beat spiralling postage costs?

So much of the support we provide relies on our ability to post materials to British people in prison overseas. From sending out books, magazines, and handbooks, to providing freepost envelopes and letter forwarding, many of our vital services are delivered via the post.

But rising costs are making this much more challenging. 

In the last year, our usual mail courier has stopped sending items to Australia and New Zealand altogether because of the spiraling expense, while post-Brexit customs regulations make the packaging and sending of materials much more time-consuming, and often boxes are returned to us with no explanation, incurring extra costs.

Could you make a donation today to ensure we are able to continue sending out important materials to British overseas prisoners?

Donating towards postage may seem like a small gesture compared to funding one of our our lifesaving grants, but the feedback we receive shows that being able to access our materials is just as vital for mental wellbeing:

"I feel I need to send a small note of serious gratitude to you all. I'm having a semi-rough time as of late, here in this hellhole, but every time I receive a newspaper or book or letter from you guys, it cheers me up to know that there are people that care out there." - Someone imprisoned in the USA.

A small act of support can have a real and tangible impact. £25 would cover the cost of sending a parcel containing two books, a newspaper and two magazines to a service user in Australia - just like the one pictured above. Thank you. 

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